Strategic Business Analyst
Sentry Biopharma Services
Indianapolis Indiana UNITED STATES

Sentry BioPharma Services provides temperature-sensitive product management services safeguarding pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. Our expertise presents an opportunity to meet unique GMP storage and distribution requirements for API, bulk drug, raw material and controlled substances to components, finished product and medical devices. Our capabilities include labeling, kitting and packaging, sampling and dispensing of APIs, EU Qualified Person support and import/export optimization through our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).  Our validated storage environments and service offerings include:


GMP Storage Environments

  • Ambient (+15°C to +30°C)
  • Refrigerated (+2°C to +8°C)
  • Frozen (-15°C to -25°C)
  • Low Temperature Frozen (-33°C to -43°C)
  • Custom Low Temperature (-40°C to -60°C)
  • Ultra-Low (-70°C to -90°C)
  • Custom Temperature Ranges
  • DEA Controlled Substance (CSIII-V)

Expanded Product Management Capabilities:

  • Labeling, Kitting and Packaging (Clinical and Small-Scale Commercial)
  • Sampling and Dispensing of APIs

Custom Global Distribution Support Channels

  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) - Ship material to the U.S. for storage, labeling and secondary packaging and kitting prior to clearing U.S. Customs and approval by the FDA
  • EU Qualified Person, Depot and Clinical Fulfillment Services
  • Streamlined Import and Export Solutions