S O'Connor Headshot
Executive Director and Head, Operations and Portfolio Management, CTI
Pfizer Inc
Cambridge Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Samantha O’Connor trained as a molecular biologist and worked for the Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (APMA; now known as Medicines Australia), representing Australia’s prescription pharmaceutical industry prior to joining Pfizer. During her career at Pfizer she has held a number of externally-facing roles. She was initially responsible for leading Pfizer’s A$30m investment program of collaborations with the Australia medical research community. Sam then moved to the UK and subsequently the USA where she has taken on a number of roles within Pfizer’s Worldwide Business Development teams, responsible for partnering efforts across Europe, Australasia and the USA that aligned strategically with Pfizer’s R&D portfolio. Sam has extensive experience having planned, negotiated and implemented many hundreds of license, collaboration and other agreements to acquire/divest or develop new therapies and technologies with a diverse range of parties including academia, biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies, patient-focused foundations, investors and policy makers. Sam has an MBA and is currently located in Cambridge, MA with Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) program which translates leading science into clinical candidates through networked collaborations. Sam has responsibility for defining and implementing the evolving business strategy, portfolio management and operational processes for this novel alliance model.
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