Principal Scientist
Overland Park Kansas UNITED STATES
Debra Aub Webster, Ph.D., has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and the regulatory environment. She received her graduate degree in pharmacology and toxicology from the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Webster was a reviewing toxicologist for the Center for Food Safety and Nutrition and a reviewing pharmacologist/toxicologist for FDA’s Division of Anti-viral Drugs in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. As a Principal Scientist with Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Webster is the project lead for biologic advanced therapeutics and regenerative medicine product development programs. She provides guidance on nonclinical and regulatory aspects of strategic product development, authors regulatory documents, and acts as the regulatory representative for sponsors in interactions with the FDA. Dr. Webster has developed a course on FDA regulation of human cells and tissue-based therapeutics and been a speaker/moderator at local, national, and global conferences on tissue science, regenerative medicine, and translational medicine.