Florence Séjourné is the chief executive officer of DA VOLTERRA, a Paris-based biotech company that develops innovative products for the prevention and treatment of multi-resistant and life-threatening infections for which the medical need is increasing. Its most advanced product, DAV132, is a novel and unique oral product designed to fight the damaging effects of antibiotics on the large intestine. Antibiotic treatments are acknowledged by the scientific and clinical community to be responsible for the intestinal dysbiosis and particularly the onsets of Clostridium difficile Infections (CDI), as well as selection and dissemination of resistant bacteria. With its unique mode of action, DAV132 captures the antibiotic residues in the lower digestive tract which are at the origin of the alterations of the intestinal microbiota, while maintaining the efficacy of the antibiotic treatment. As a consequence the damage on the gut microbiota is avoided, leading to the prevention of CDI, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, intestinal dysbiosis induced by antibiotic treatments. PPrior to joining Da Volterra in 2008, Florence spent 11 years co-founding and developing Genfit (Euronext GNFT), now a leading public European biotech company in the field of metabolic and inflammatory diseases with a particular focus on liver and GI (NASH), where she had been member of the Board of Directors, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Business Officer and Alliance & Grant Manager. Florence has thus the experience of successful entrepreneurial adventures and the capacity to set up and lead a highly professional organization from early research drug discovery to late-stage clinical development and market access, as well as the ability to raise funds and non dilutive public grants, to structure and negotiate deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in a highly competitive international environment.