Founder, Chairman & CEO
Susan Rosenbaum, J.D., is visionary, strategic biotech entrepreneur, executive with over 10 years of experience in biopharma industry. Founder, Chairman, CEO of Lauren Sciences LLC, New York biotech committed to development of breakthrough V-SmartTM nanotech platform, for innovative non-invasive targeted brain delivery, invented in Israel, to create robust pipeline of transformative V-SmartTM Nanomedicines, consisting of CNS-active drugs that normally do not cross BBB. Just some applications include Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, GBM, Neuro-HIV, NPC. Lauren Sciences laboratories, research team, are located at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, where V-Smart™ technology was invented. V-Smart™ breakthrough innovation solves greatest medical challenge in brain disease treatment – non-invasive targeted delivery of therapeutics to the brain. V-Smart™ Nanomedicines encapsulate therapeutic agents, “macro” target brain and cross BBB, “micro” target and deliver to specific sites in brain, selectively release at target sites, are administered systemically, uniquely solve problem that most therapeutic agents, including biologicals, with potential to treat or cure brain diseases, do not cross BBB. Lauren Sciences has 10 foundation grants; 6 pipeline products; 18 published papers; 22 research presentations; 6 scientific posters; multiple academic/pharma, collaborations; numerous patents. Ms. Rosenbaum is also Founder, Chairman, CEO of Maya Sciences LLC, with novel Phase 1-ready cancer drug, MY-101, considered potential “best in class” Akt inhibitor, as well as, in past, investment banking and law firm; has been member of board of directors for private, public companies; is renown national, international author, lecturer.