Vice President
Numerof & Associates
St. Louis Missouri UNITED STATES
Kim White is a respected advisor with a proven track record of launching new initiatives, evaluating declining markets, turning around troubled units and managing high profile projects in rapidly changing environments. Ms. White has developed expertise in pricing and reimbursement strategy, message development, sales management, public affairs, population health and advocacy. She’s worked in a variety of industries and businesses ranging from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. Ms. White has extensive experience working with market access, reimbursement and product distribution. Within the healthcare industry she’s conducted primary and secondary research, developed payer advisory boards and worked with public and private sector clients. Ms. White led a market access team for a US-based global pharmaceutical company and successfully obtained reimbursement for her product by identifying payer needs, leading the development of health economics studies, pricing, contracting, and guiding messaging that effectively addressed those needs. Ms. White has also shaped policy guidelines and legislation, conducted market segmentation analyses to guide sales and operations initiatives; evaluated market opportunities for expansion and consolidation; developed strategic alliances with vendors; and built business and program expansion plans. She’s also demonstrated success in building sustainable client relationships, developing high performance teams, and identifying innovative approaches to reducing costs while maintaining or improving service levels. Her thorough analysis and understanding of client needs has helped clients grow their business, especially during periods of economic decline. Ms. White graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. She completed her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Chicago with concentrations in organizational behavior, finance, and entrepreneurship.
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