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Managing Director
Lilly Ventures
Indianapolis Indiana UNITED STATES

Ed oversees Lilly Ventures operations and brings over 20 years of pharmaceutical and venture capital experience to the team. Since co-founding Lilly Ventures, he has led the investments in, and previously served on the boards of, Serenex (acquired by Pfizer), Conforma Therapeutics (acquired by Biogen Idec) and Cabrellis Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pharmion Corporation). Ed currently sits on the boards of Cylene, GlobeImmune, Receptos, Viamet Pharmaceuticals and various non-profit institutions. Prior to his role in Lilly Ventures, Ed had a diverse set of experiences throughout the domestic and international pharmaceutical businesses including operational finance, planning, M&A, business development and global marketing roles. Ed received a bachelors of arts from Creighton University and a master of business administration from the University of Michigan Business School, where he was a Consortium Fellow.