Senior Vice President, Global Gene Therapy Business, Rare Disease
Collegeville Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
This is the description of the panel it was too long to fit. This panel will explore recent and projected transactions and trends in business development and M&A in the gene therapy and genetic medicine space. Gene therapy companies are likely to see the benefit of biopharma’s strong balance sheets and growing appetite for mid to late-stage pipeline assets. While recent transactions signal a renewed vote of confidence for the future of advanced therapeutics, high demand may lead to correspondingly high valuations, which could keep some large players on the sideline. Other gene therapy companies may ride the wave to the public markets, but given the unique nature of genetic medicines, how can new companies convince investors they can succeed over the long term? How does recent and projected transaction and financing activity reflect the uncertain therapeutic, safety, manufacturing, and commercialization questions that genetic medicines have yet to answer? Given the proposed cost of genetic medicines and the significant payer uncertainties, what reimbursement and risk sharing strategies have been or will be considered in these transactions? What are the differing transaction and financing trends across different therapeutic areas such as oncology and rare disease, and across different markets such as the US and internationally? This panel will comprise senior pharma, venture capital, life sciences consulting and investment banking experts with unique insights into recent and future genetic medicine business development and investing activities across the globe.
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