Cambridge Massachusetts        UNITED STATES
Steven joined ALS TDI in 2007 and is currently CEO & CSO. He earned his Ph.D. at Boston University Medical Center in the Department of Biochemistry. Steven moved into the pharmaceutical industry in 1997 holding positions at the Hoechst-Ariad, Aventis and more recently at Biogen. Since joining ALS TDI, Steven has spearheaded the architectural design and execution of the world’s largest Precision Medicine Program. This innovative program has bridged the gap between early preclinical discovery and the advancement of biomarkers and quantitative outcome measures for clinical development in ALS and other neurological disease indications. He has assembled a world class scientific team that in the last seven years has brought two potential treatments into clinical development for ALS. He has accomplished these objectives by creating innovative non-profit/for-profit business models to bridge the “valley of death” during clinical translation of promising treatments.
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