Fish & Richardson P.C.
Boston Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Jay Kugler DeYoung is a Principal in the Boston office of Fish & Richardson. Her practice emphasizes U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, opinion work, and strategic counseling, primarily in biotechnology and other life sciences. Ms. DeYoung focuses on helping academic and research institutions, hospitals, and start-up biotech companies protect their cutting-edge and foundational scientific discoveries with strong intellectual property rights. Ms. DeYoung’s graduate work included cloning, mutating and expressing potassium and chloride channels in mammalian cells and Xenopus laevis oocytes, as well as using biochemistry, electrophysiology, and fluorescence and confocal imaging to look at the function of those channels in living cells. Ms. DeYoung’s practice includes prosecution of patent applications in all areas of molecular biology and biochemistry including: various green technologies relating to microbial production of biofuels; recombinant nucleic acid and protein products, and methods of producing them; methods of treating human and animal disease (including the use of immunotherapies such as the administration of antibodies or cells); transgenic animals and cell lines; virology (including methods of treating viral infections and producing viruses) and vaccines. Special areas of expertise include inventions involving diagnostic, prognostic, and pharmacogenomic biomarkers (genomic, proteomic, and metabolic); assays; therapies and diagnostics for autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, and cancers; and molecular design and modeling of drugs. https://www.fr.com/jay-kugler-deyoung