Assistant Professor of Neurology
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland Oregon UNITED STATES
As a biomedical engineer, Dr. Beattieā€™s passion lies at the intersection of technology and health. He has spent several years in academia and the health and biotech industry where he has worked to help people live happier and healthier lives through technology. While at Oregon Health & Science University, he developed a new technology with the ability to detect sleep apnea using non-contact sensors. At Fitbit, Dr. Beattie innovated new features for Fitbit wearables, working as project lead for several Fitbit research projects including the recently released Fitbit Sleep Stages feature, which has been used to collect over 6 billion nights of sleep data. Currently as an assistant professor of neurology and lead data scientist at ORCATECH (Oregon Center for Aging and Technology), Dr. Beattie is focused on data validity, provenance and integrity for the ORCATECH platform. The ORCATECH platform consists of digital sensors placed in the homes of elderly individuals that are used to collect a variety of data (e.g. walking speed, activity levels) about the individuals with the goal of developing digital biomarkers that can be used to facilitate studies of aging and in clinical trials. Dr. Beattie is particularly focused on overseeing data architecture and algorithm development for the NIA and VA funded national CART (Collaborative Aging Research using Technology) Initiative building out the ORCATECH platform to enable research for multiple investigators ultimately engaging thousands of homes across the U.S.
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