Assistant Chief Executive
BioHub Taiwan/National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP)
Taipei City TAIWAN

Dr. I-Chien (IC) Jan joined NBRP as Assistant Chief Executive at BioHub Taiwan by the end of 2017 to strengthen the biomedical startup ecosystem in Taiwan. By focusing on the fields of translational medicine and digital healthcare, Dr. Jan’s goal is helping these startups to “Get Local and Go Global”. Before joining NBRP, Dr. Jan was a Co-founder and Partner at AppWorks Ventures from 2010 to 2016. AppWorks is both Asia's leading startup accelerator and one of the region's most active early-stage VCs. AppWorks Accelerator, the renowned 6-month free accelerator program, now admits 30 startups per batch from across the region and boasts 320 active startups and 720 founders in its alumni network. All AppWorks startups together generate US$ 1.06 billion in annual revenues, provide 4,557 jobs and are valued at US$ 1.21 billion. As a VC, AppWorks has US$ 61M under management. From 2010 to 2012, Dr. Jan was the VP & Acting CEO at ARDIC Instruments Co., a technology transformation and commercialization platform to offer pipelines of analytical instruments in biotechnology and nanotechnology. Dr. Jan received his doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering from National Taiwan University (2004) and a MBA in Intellectual Property from National Chengchi University (2009) respectively.