Sr. Scientist
Carlos C. Chang, Ph.D., has more than 10 years of experience in the medical device and regenerative medicine fields. In his current role as Sr. Scientist at Techshot, Dr. Chang works with research collaborators to develop, design, and execute experiments on board the International Space Station. Other activities include projects closer to home, working with government agencies and industrial partners to develop a broad range of novel solutions for device and assay development.  Ongoing work includes investigation of 3D bioprinting systems as well as development of microfluidic and bioreactor systems for cellular, vascular, and tissue growth. In previous positions, Dr. Chang led product development efforts; evaluating medical device designs and developing models for investigating a wide range of material-based and cell-based therapies. His research experience includes applications of synthetic and biologically derived polymers to interact with biological systems. His history of leading and collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams has resulted in the award of multiple patents and publications, as well as FDA clearance of medical devices.