Director of Community Engagement
Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd)
Fabienne Mondesir is the Director of Community Engagement for the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd). She is a veteran Boston Public Schools biology teacher currently on leave to help pgEd launch a new community-centered initiative in the Boston area. In this role, she has been engaging community organizations, youth groups, and Boston Public Schools to raise awareness about the benefits and implications of genetics in underrepresented neighborhoods throughout the city. Fabienne earned her B.A. in psychobiology/animal behavior from Wheaton College and a Masters in the Art of Teaching Biology from Tufts University. Fabienne has been very passionate about incorporating a critical understanding of "race science", including the biology of skin color, eugenics, and pseudo-scientific practices that have influenced and shaped policies and practices from the 14th century to the present, into her curriculum. She strongly believes that “it is the right of every student to see themselves in the content they learn everyday.” Fabienne was also a 2012 Fund for Teachers Fellow, having been awarded a grant to visit Haiti and the Dominican Republic to research scientific and historical practices of colonization that lead up to the current practice of apátrida, or citizenship denial of Dominican citizens of Haitian decent in the Dominican Republic.
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