13C Low Res Headshot
President, CEO, & Co-Founder
Durham North Carolina        UNITED STATES

Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, but now a dual citizen of the Untied States, I hold a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and MS & PhD degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University. I have established expertise in cellular mechanics, drug delivery, and targeted cellular therapy. I have built and run my own biomedical laboratories, and managed large-scale R&D teams and product development programs at BD (Sandy, UT) and Philips Research China (Shanghai, China), launching multiple $100M business for each company. My unique experience qualifies me to juggle both the scientific and commercialization work streams necessary to make our experiments and R&D projects a success while managing Celldom as a business. In my personal time, I enjoy participating in development projects in Africa, running, and maintaining fluency in Mandarin Chinese. I am 100% all in to make Celldom an impactful, profitable business that transforms new drug R&D and precision medicine.