Vice-President, Corporate Development
Metabolon, Inc.
Shaun Lonergan is vice president of corporate development at Metabolon, Inc. His past experience includes commercialization of several major research and diagnostic instrument platforms. Mr. Lonergan participated in or led successful sale or public offering of several companies while holding senior management positions at Boehringer Mannheim (Roche), Perceptive Biosystems (Thermo), Third Wave Technologies (Hologic), NimbleGen (Roche), 454 Life Sciences (Roche), Ibis Biosciences (Abbott Molecular) and Seegene, Inc. He served as CEO of Nerites Corporation (DSM), attaining more than $7 million in grant awards and sale of the company to DSM. Earlier, he was the clinical director at Oncology Laboratory, Inc. leading the in-vitro chemosensitivity assay clinical team. Mr. Lonergan earned his Master of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Rhode Island.
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