SVP Vaccine Partnerships & Health Impact
Moderna Therapeutics
Cambridge Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Mike leads the Vaccines, Partnerships and Access team at Moderna in Cambridge MA., that is developing a range of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics. The mRNA platform allows rapid, precise and very adaptable R&D that has enabled clinical stage vaccines against H7N9, H10N8, Chikungunya, Zika, CMV, HPMV/PIV3, RSV and an mRNA-encoded antibody against Chikungunya. Moderna have infectious diseases partnerships with Merck, BARDA, DARPA, and BMGF and are working closely with a number of countries to make the platform available for unmet regional and global needs. Michael is a UK trained physician in Internal Medicine, infectious diseases and Pharmaceutical Medicine. Working for the last 20 years in vaccines in the UK, France and USA he led the teams that developed and licensed Pediacel® in the UK and Gardasil® in Europe as well as leading the European teams that supported the development of Merck’s Rota, MMRV and Zoster vaccines and Sanofi Pasteur’s infant vaccines. As head of R&D at Acambis, he oversaw the licensure of the smallpox vaccine ACAM2000®, the R&D of Chimerivax® based vaccines against Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile Fever, a universal Influenza vaccine, an HSV vaccine, an HPV vaccine and a C. difficile vaccine. He has also worked with WHO, BMGF, GAVI and other Governmental and Non-governmental partners on Polio eradication, Pandemic influenza, HIV and Cholera vaccines and the recently launched Dengue vaccine and he was Chair of the EU FP7 funded IPROVE project that recently delivered a European Vaccines R&D Roadmap for Europe. He is also on the board of The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, FIND. Trying to understand the, often competing, drivers and barriers to commercially viable and global health vaccines R&D, production and sustainability has led him to the work that he has done on the vaccination ecosystem and its sustainability and consideration of alternative models.