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Growth Stage Leadership Advisor/CEO Coach
Lori Dernavich
New York New York                     UNITED STATES

I'm a Growth Stage Leadership Advisor, partnering with CEOs and startups to develop the leadership skills they need to scale successfully. My love working with brilliant academicians, scientists & physicians who have little experience leading people or building organizations. In addition to serving clients, I coach and provide workshops for SUNY Downstate incubator companies and ELabNYC. Prior to founding my business in 2002, I served as a senior recruiter for Winter Wyman in Boston’s thriving high tech industry, traveled extensively as a corporate leadership coach for the UNICCO Services Company, and was a psychotherapist. I have a degree in Food Chemistry and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. My background gives me an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of personalities, functions and industries. I currently reside in NYC. Please check out my site for more info,