Member of the Board of Directors
Retrotope Inc.
is Managing Director for VDP, LLC, an independent consulting agency focused on guiding Research and Development for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries and private investors. At VDP, LLC, Dr. Van der Ploeg focuses on supporting R&D initiatives from a strategic and tactical perspective, as an integrated member of Management and R&D teams. Dr. Van der Ploeg is CSO for Rhythm pharmaceuticals and functions as Senior Advisor for Strategy and Planning at Somalogic, Inc., he is a member of the board of Directors for Neurotez, Inc., and Retrotope Inc., and he functions as an advisor to DeuteRx, LLC. and is a member of the SAB for Excellentia Global partners. Dr. Van der Ploeg’s expertise includes development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics including Cancer, Neurodegenerative disorders, Metabolic disorders and Infectious diseases. Prior to starting VDP, LLC Dr. Van der Ploeg was the Sr. Vice President of Integrative Medicine and Translational Science at Abraxis/Celgene. Previously, Dr. Van der Ploeg held the position of, Vice president, Basic Research, and site head at Merck Research Laboratories Boston focused on oncology and neurodegenerative disease. Prior to starting Merck Research Laboratories Boston in December 2003, Dr. Van der Ploeg held diverse functions at Merck Research Laboratories including site head MRL San Diego and Head Obesity research for Merck Rahway and Banyu, Japan. At Merck, Dr. Van der Ploeg held leadership roles in obesity and metabolism, oncology, neurodegenerative disease research and diagnostics. Following receipt of his Ph.D. Dr Van der Ploeg joined the faculty of the Dept of Genetics and Development of Columbia University, as an assistant Professor and received tenure at Columbia University in 1987. Dr Van der Ploeg held an adjunct faculty position at the Dept of Genetics and Development of Columbia University from 1992 through 2009. Dr. Van der Ploeg received numerous awards and grants for his research and has broadly published on his research in peer reviewed journals. He is an inventor on over 50 patents and patent applications. Dr. Van der Ploeg received his M.S. degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Biochemistry in 1980 from the University of Amsterdam and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Enzymology/Genetics in 1984 from the University of Amsterdam/Netherlands.
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