VP of Product and Regulation
Memphis Meats
San Leandro California UNITED STATES
Dr. Schulze is the current Vice President of Product and Regulation at Memphis Meats, where he leads the technical design and development of edible bioprocess animal cell and tissues as well as Federal regulatory affairs. At Memphis Meats, Eric also interacts with the public in lay and technical settings, serves as communications and scientific advisor to the Chief Executive and Scientific Officers, and is charged with defining technical theory for clean meat production. Dr. Schulze most recently served as Senior Scientist for Memphis Meats, launching their cell line design and development program as well as developing messaging around the concept of ‘clean meat.’ Prior, Eric served in the public sector for six years as a Federal regulator within the US Food and Drug Administration set with the task of how to appropriately regulate the products of biotechnology, including both food and biomedical drug applications. During his tenure, Dr. Schulze helped worked alongside numerous Federal regulatory agencies to coordinate and execute regulatory decisions on a multitude of complex, innovative biotechnology applications, including genetically engineered animals and foods.
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