Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property
Gilead Sciences
Foster City California UNITED STATES
As patent counsel for Gilead Sciences, MJ prosecutes patents in the pharmaceutical sector. Her expertise includes patent drafting, US and foreign patent prosecution, and patent portfolio management. As an attorney in private practice, MJ also has experience advising companies on IP strategy in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science. MJ also has experienced with the preparation of patentability, infringement and validity opinions. She has experience performing diligence investigations of target companies as part of potential corporate deals. Her experience includes conducting and analyzing results of chemical structure-based searches of patent and non-patent literature. MJ has also represented clients in patent litigation in the areas of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In particular, she has represented innovator pharmaceutical companies in ANDA litigation, defending against generic challenges to branded drug products. Her experience also includes conducting a pre-litigation investigation in anticipation of a Paragraph IV challenge from a generic drugmaker. Specialties: Patent portfolio management, patent strategy, patent drafting, patent prosecution, intellectual property litigation, Hatch Waxman litigation