Partner & Managing Director
Qiming Venture Partners / U.S. Healthcare Fund
Bellevue Washington‚ State UNITED STATES
Mark McDade is a founding partner and managing director of Qiming U.S. Healthcare Fund, part of Qiming Venture Funds and focused on U.S. healthcare companies with potential market opportunities in China. He previously served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at UCB, a global pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of innovative medicines. Prior, he held the CEO role at both PDL BioPharma and Signature BioScience. He co-founded Corixa, which developed innovative products to regulate immunity. Mark earned his B.A. from Dartmouth College and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Mark serves on the board of directors of several companies -- from publicly traded corporations to early-stage startups -- including Aimmune Therapeutics, Dermira, FivePrime, MyHealthTeams and ZappRx. Mark brings unique insights into the ongoing evolution of the industry, drawing from his extensive operational experience with industry leaders as well as his vantage point as an investor in innovative startups across the digital health ecosystem. He is a vocal supporter of a more patient-centric approach to developing and introducing new therapies, with a focus on improving health outcomes.
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