Toronto Ontario CANADA
Amos is the CEO of Memotext Corp. He brings speech, mobile and social technologies together to create mobile (mHealth) and telehealth solutions. Since 2008, Amos has led the design and deployment of dozens of digital patient adherence and behavior change programs globally. With a background in user oriented design methodologies, user-requirements elicitation, finance and enterprise scale technology deployment, Amos focuses on evidence-based design and real-world business requirements. Amos speaks regularly at events such as: mHealth, Stanford Medicine X, Health Datapalooza, Genentech FutureMed2.0 and guest lectures at the Univ. of Toronto. Amos’ company, Memotext, delivers personalization algorithms to improve patient adherence to healthcare regimens. Its Personologic® learning engine combines disparate data sources and a platform for interacting with patients, support programs or triage for call centres. JAMA-published, clinically and commercially validated, MEMOTEXT has documented extensive improvements in adherence, care self-management, and user retention rates. Memotext has joined forces with the Centre for addiction and Mental Health, to create A4i: the App for Idependence a jointly formed company centered around creating a digital app for schizophrenia patient engagement and self-care based on the pioneering work of Dr. Sean Kidd, CAMH’s Psychologist-in-Chief. In this panel, Amos will discuss the business aspects of the broad deployment of digital solutions aimed at mental health populations. In particular, he will address the need for businesses engagement, which on the one hand will turn clinical inventions into viable and market ready products, and on the other are capable of supporting the delivery and technical sustainability of the product. This requires a business model combining extensive collaboration between care providers, scientists, and funding bodies.