Managing Director
Pharmagellan LLC
Milton Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Frank David is a biopharma strategist whose consulting and research activities lie at the intersection of business, clinical medicine and basic science. He is an author of papers on healthcare economics, healthcare policy, and drug R&D in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, BMJ Open, and Surgery; the lead author of The Pharmagellan Guide to Biotech Forecasting and Valuation; and a contributor to Forbes.com. He also serves as Innovation Strategist at the Brigham Research Institute of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Before founding Pharmagellan, Frank was an R&D strategist in AstraZeneca’s Oncology Innovative Medicines unit and a director in the consulting arm of the healthcare investment bank Leerink Partners, where he co-founded the firm’s Transactional Consulting practice. Frank received his MD and PhD degrees from Columbia, trained in pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and was an Instructor in Pathology at Brigham and Women’s and Harvard Medical School before entering the private sector.