Senior Partner
Michalski Huettermann Patent Attorneys
Düsseldorf GERMANY
Ulrich Storz is a senior partner at Michalski Hütterman Patent Attorneys LLP. Dr. Storz's main areas of practice are managing and enforcing patents and patent applications as well as drafting FTO analyses and opinions. He also provides advice on strategic patent issues, notably in life sciences (biotechnology, biophysics, biochemistry and microbiology), above all in the field of therapeutic antibodies. Ulrich Storz is involved in major antibody opposition cases before the European Patent Office. He has also significant expertise in gene editing technologies including CRISPR, TALEN und ZFN, and also works in the field of CAR T cells, stem cell technologies, plant biosciences and enzymes. In recent years, he has also provided representation in a large number of sizeable due diligence projects in the field of pharmaceuticals and life sciences with a volume of EUR500,000 to EUR100m. Dr. Storz organizes the annual Rhineland Biopatent Forum and has authored several publications.