African Organization for Research & Training in Cancer (AORTIC)
Professor Stefan completed Oncology and Pediatrics Fellowships and Masters, Masters in Cancer Epidemiology and PhD in Education a few years later. She was a fellow at St Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital and received a fellowship in cancer prevention and control at NCI. She was also a fellow of cancer registration and epidemiology program at IARC in Lyon where she was invited to teach about cancer in developing countries. Professor Stefan published 1 book (2 others in press- in oncology), 9 chapters in books, a number of articles and being also involved in many clinical trials. She is active internationally in the field of cancer registration, continuous education of cancer specialists, cancer control guidelines, twinning and research activities in 18 African countries. She speaks French fluently and understands Portuguese. Prof Stefan had the first initiative in the world to introduce a “twinning” concept between 2 African countries (South Africa and Namibia) and showing success. Prof Stefan was formerly AORTIC vice-president for Southern Africa, founder of the African Cancer Institute, chair and founder of African Cancer Economics Network, chair of AORTIC pediatric oncology and formerly co-chair of research committee.
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