Raj Singh, CEO, Vivo-USA
Chief Scientist, LifeSciences
Lifenet Health
Virginia Beach Virginia UNITED STATES
Dr. Raj Singh started his entrepreneur carrier in 2005 as founder of Vivo Biosciences Inc. with winning of several NIH and NASA SBIR grant/contract awards for innovative technology development (>$8.2M). He has spent over 25 years working in the area of Cancer Biology at Southern Research, UAB and VBI. Dr. Singh received his MS and PhD in Biochemistry from India, and completed his Postdoctoral training at St. Louis University Medical School, MO. He has published over 70 research articles and 3 book chapters. Dr. Singh is an inventor on 4 patents involving HuBiogel technology and its unique translational utilities. VBI’s patented technology is recently acquired by LifeNet Health, VA with the strategic focus to expand oncology, personal diagnostic and regenerative medicine applications. Dr. Singh continues to serve as Chief Scientist at Life Sciences division for technology advancement in many biomedical markets.