Company Overview
Biodesign Innovation Labs

We are a small team of engineers, doctors and industry experts creating affordable and accessible solutions to decrease paediatric and neonatal deaths in low resource settings. Our current projects, bCPAP and RespirAID aim to provide a simple intervention to decrease infant deaths due to Respiratory illnesses like Pneumonia which remains the most significant cause of neonatal mortality in India killing on an average of 1,78,717 children below the age of 5 in India, as recorded in 2015.
Problem Statement
Due to shortage of almost 1 million mechanical ventilation and a demand of 80% there is an immediate need for a safe, reliable and affordable device to assist in ventilation for critically ill patients in secondary hospitals and provide quality, consistent care. The current solution is a manual resuscitator or the Ambu bag with reliability of only 75% which is exhaustive, inconsistent and unreliable.
Intended Intervention
From 2007 to 2017, our clinical team has studied the pain points of manual and mechanical ventilation and we aim to position our product in the middle. It is an alternative solution that will be low cost, low skill dependence, consistent in performance and safe to use providing quality care. The target end users are those infants who don't have immediate access to mechanical ventilation in tertiary centres, condition thus worsening after chain referrals from primary and secondary centres.


This product is a simple respiratory circuit that could provide the effects of continuous positive pressure airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, as a replacement for normal nasal oxygen provided at low-resource settings. All components are medically certified, procured from standard medical device manufacturers who have delivered products, which are currently used in many hospitals. They are attachable and can be easily picked and used by doctors and nurses. ( The project is currently seeking collaborative partners for device study, trials and deployment)


RespirAID is an affordable respiratory critical-care solutions, with minimal maintenance and skill for operation. This is an AMBU-bag compression automation device which takes away the burden of prolonged, inconsistent manual ventilation provided at hospitals during unavailability of a ventilator or during transit when a transport ventilator is absent. The device provides Intermittent positive pressure ventilation and the frequency of air delivery can be set by the physician.