Company Overview
Audicor Cardiometrics Pvt. Ltd. focuses on the use of non-invasive biophysical markers that are acquired simultaneously and in real time by using a smart cluster of sensors that not only enhance the sensitivity and accuracy in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease but also ensures a the quality of the signals being acquired. Our initial offering is a wearable heart failure screening and monitoring modality that provides deep insights into the hearts overall performance and haemodynamic stability of the individual during the management for recovery. Audicor Eko Patch uses multiple biophysical signals and proprietary algorithms that provide easy to understand biomarkers that capture at an early stage indicators that characterize a poorly functioning or failing heart, such as reduced ejection fraction, inadequate LV contractility, cardiomyopathies, ECG anomalies and malfunctioning heart valves. Based out of Bangalore in India, Audicor Cardiometrics deploys its multidisciplinary competency in exploiting non invasive biophysical signals, data analytics and AI in developing higher quality and more robust diagnosis and monitoring of acute and chronic heart disease management that will significantly make healthcare accessible, cheaper and collaborative