Company Overview
BioComo is a biotech company founded in May 2008, developing cutting-edge technology platforms for creating the novel and predominant vaccine carriers to enhance immunity in collaboration with Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department of Mie University. We have already succeeded in development of the highly efficacious and state-of-the art vaccine carrier candidates. Our technology will be applied to production of the next generation vaccines for the prevention of such infections as RS virus, Ebola virus and Zika virus, and cancer as solid tumors. It will also enable faster and cost-effective production of those vaccines. BC-PIV is our core platform technology which was named after our corporate name, BioComo and our leading vaccine carrier is derived from the recombinant human parainfluenza virus 2 (hPIV2) vectors. BioComo is dedicated to inventing “new vaccines for both global infection threats as well as malignant tumors. Our mission is to incubate the technology and the products to the stage allowing research collaboration for future commercialization and to help the innovation for people to live longer and healthier.