Company Overview
Epithelix is a Swiss biotech company specialized in tissue engineering. We are the leader for in vitro assessment of drug efficacy and toxicity on human respiratory tract.

Epithelix provides worldwide unique and robust 3D in vitro human respiratory tissues (MucilAir™ and SmallAir™) which can be kept in culture for several months, allowing long-term and/or repeated testing in vitro.

Several pathologies are available such as COPD, Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, etc…

Epithelix also offers a panel of innovative in vitro testing services tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers in chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Epithelix can be contracted to perform the following Acute, Long-term and Chronic in vitro studies:
* Toxicity of inhaled products
* Repeated dose toxicity
* Pro-inflammatory profile
* Cyps induction
* Modulation of cytokines release, etc...
* Intranasal /intrabronchial permeation of drugs/xenobiotics
* Efficacy assessment of drug candidates
* Anti virals
* Anti inflammatory
* Anti bacterial
* Goblet cell metaplasia
* Activator, corrector or potentiator of CFTR, etc…
* Electrophysiology (activity of ion channels, etc…)
* Mucolytic Activity assessment
* Mucociliary clearance
* Cilia beating frequency
* Mucus secretion

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