Company Overview
Ikan biotech is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that helps with the development of innovative products in Human and Animal Healthcare.
Our cutting-edge technologies allow us to support our customers with cost effective solutions in their discovery and development of novel antitumoral and antimicrobial candidates.
We are headed by biology doctors with deep knowledge and wide expertise in zebrafish applied in oncology and microbiology areas. This know-how allows Ikan to offer diversified and novel solutions to our customers far beyond of the classic drug discovery assays in zebrafish:

At Ikan we tackle multiresitant bacteria by developing novel and natural solutions, Enzybiotics (Endolysins) against both Gram Positive or Gram Negative bacteria.
We are the only ones to carry out such trials with zebrafish and allow for complete in house development from in silico to in vivo studies (ZebraBACTOfish).

o Bacteremia/Sepsis
o Gut colonization
o Drug Discovery

Ikan has designed, ZebraONCOfish: a dynamic display of the cancerous process in vivo that offers opportunity to understand subjacent biology and design a tailor-made treatment for each case.

o Carcinogenic process
o Metastasis
o Angiogenesis
o Drug Discovery

Ikan has a well-established in vitro and in vivo platform to carry-out toxicity and efficacy studies.

o ZebraTOXIfish: Cardiotoxicity, Chronic Toxicity, ADME, Hepatoxicity, Genotoxicity assays, etc.
o ZebraEFFIfish: Acute toxicity, Immunology and inflammatory assay, Orthotopic; Oxidative stress
o ZebraNEUROfish: Epilepsy, Antidepress