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The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA) has conducted research into control of aging since its foundation under the doctrine of contributing health promotion. As a result, the institute succeeded in developing a DNA oxidative damage measuring kit, thus taking the lead for this field.

The institute now sells many products related to oxidative stress, and such products are utilized in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, food sciences, etc. The institute also performs assay services utilizing its unique technologies. Preventive medicine and anti-aging are receiving increased attention with the advancement of aging society. In these areas, our Institute will contribute to realizing a healthy, long-lived society by developing and supplying research products.


1985 Founded the Japan Institute for the Control of Aging.

1990 Released oxidized DNA, 8-OHdG ELISA kit.

2000 Registered as a satellite center of the Trace Element Institute for UNESCO.

2008 Have patents for antioxidant assay kit PAO.

2012 Released oxidized protein Dityrosine ELISA kit.

2013 Received ISO/IEC 17025 certification (radioactivity testing).

[Products / services]

1) Oxidative stress markers assay kit:

8-OHdG Check ELISA (Highly specific to DNA damage)

Lipid oxidation ELISA (hexanoyl-lysine adduct)

Protein oxidation ELISA (dityrosine)

Urinary isoprostane ELISA

Malondialdehyde assay kit (TBARS)

Nitrotyrosine ELISA

2) Monoclonal antibodies for oxidative stress markers:

8-OHdG (clone N45.1), 4-HNE (clone HNE-J2), Malondialdehyde (MDA), Acrolein (ACR), 4-hydroxy-2-hexenal (4-HHE), Crotonaldehyde (CRA), Methylglyoxal (MG), 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC), Dityrosine (DT), Dibromo-Tyrosine (DiBrY), Nitrotryptophan (NW)

3) Probes for Mitochondrial injury:

Lipid peroxide probe (mitochondria damage)

Lipid peroxide probe (DPPP)

4) Antioxidant assay / antioxidant enzyme assay:

Test kit for Potential Antioxidant (PAO)

Total Glutathione (GSH) assay kit

SOD activity assay kit (WST-1 method)

SOD activity assay kit (Hematoxylin method)

Cu/Zn-SOD ELISA (Human SOD1)


ec-SOD ELISA (Human SOD3)

Catalase activity assay kit

MPO activity assay kit

Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx) assay kit

Glutathione Reductase (GR) assay kit

Thioredoxin I ELISA (human)

Thioredoxin reductase I ELISA (human)

Peroxiredoxin I ELISA (human)

Peroxiredoxin III ELISA (human)

5) Trace elements assay: suitable for tissue and other biological samples

Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca, Mg

6) Radioactivity testing service for food samples:

ISO-17025 certificated (ISO/IEC 17025:2005, RTL03750)

4,500 JPY + freight

[Application field]

Research in medical fields such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disorders, inflammation, toxicology, infertility, nutrition, sports medicine, disease prevention, and anti-aging medicine.


Our products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic, medical or other use.