Company Overview
Andros Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Andros) is a bio-pharmaceutical company engaged in developing novel drug delivery technologies and products, including topical new dosage form, and non-viral gene delivery system.

Andros core technology focuses on lipid-based/polymer-film topical drug delivery system, of which Andros utilizes to generate a pipeline of local anesthetics in pain management, with one of its lead products in phase II clinical trial. In addition, the liposomal non-viral gene delivery technology enables siRNA/anti-sense oligonucleotide to be effectively delivered into target cells in cancer therapy.

Andros has comprehensive patent portfolio protecting its technologies and products. Combined with platform technologies, in-house development expertise, and a PIC/s GMP certified manufacturing facility, Andros is in a great position to develop novel new dosage form that are both unique and of significant market potential.