Company Overview
Volition is a cancer diagnostics company with a proprietary epigenetic profiling technology - Nucleosomics®. Our focus is early stage cancer diagnosis and prognosis. We are utilising nucleosome structure (histone modifications, variants, DNA modifications and nucleosome-protein adducts) in serum profiled by our Nu.Q™ ELISAs, as predictors of indication and stage.

We have pivotal trials underway in Europe including a training and validation study with a combined 14 000 asymptomatic subjects for Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening. Training will be completed in Q3 with validation in Q4 2018 followed by CE marking of our lead CRC screening blood test.

In parallel, Volition is co-sponsoring an NCI collection of a 13500 subject screening cohort for US CRC clinical trials. Collection of a 5000 CRC screening cohort in Taiwan is also due to commence in 2018.

Development activities are cantered in Belgium augmented by commercialization work in the US, UK and Singapore with a focus on bringing our revolutionary diagnostic products to market first in Europe, then the U.S. and worldwide.

In H2 2018 the Nucleosomics® immunoassay Platform will be available in Research Use Only (RUO) format for serum anaysis. Potential applications for the kits include epigenetic profiling of in oncology, inflammation, sepsis and traumatic injury.