Company Overview
CasZyme aims to develop new discoveries, innovative applications and top-quality research in the field of CRISPR based Molecular Tools.

CasZyme activities:
- Exploring new Cas Proteins for various applications.
- Providing research services for CRISPR applications
- Developing and characterizing new CRISPR based Molecular Tools.

Experience and competences of CasZyme
- Genome editing tools and applications
- CRISPR biology and applications
- Cloning, expression and purification of proteins
- In vitro protein and RNA characterization

CasZyme was founded by scientists who were first to demonstrate that CRISPR-Cas9 can be used to operate precise double strand breaks in DNA, thereby enabling a new era of gene editing.
The founders have long time expertise on research of Cas9 and other CRISPR-Cas protein expression, purification and characterization, as well as bioinformatic analysis of CRISPR-Cas system.