Company Overview
We have two buisiness model, our proprietary HAC/MAC vector technology and chromosome analysis service. HAC/MAC vector is Artificial Chromosome Vector and developed by deleting gene regions unnecessary for the maintenance and division of chromosomes. High yield, stable cell lines for protein/antibody production can be made using our technology.
Proof of Monoclonality in CHO?
In biopharmaceutical-producing CHO cells, integration sites of the transgene provide better information regarding monoclonality. However, it is difficult to obtain positional information on the transgene because the chromosomes of the CHO cell are often rearranged during long-term culture.
We constructed the analysis system combining mFISH and FISH techniques. This system acquires accurate information on the transgene position regardless of chromosomal rearrangements.
We are also providing simple chromosome analysis (Q-band, G-band), FISH, multi color FISH, and high resolution gene mapping services. Safety check of the stem cells in regenerative medicine, monoclonality check in the therapeutic antibody production, our service has a favorable reputation from most Japanese pharmaceuticals.