Company Overview
Prospectiva is a government affairs consulting company. The company provides a suite of products and services that include political and policy analysis, institutional relations, strategic consulting, as well as corporate and project finance all across Latin America. With offices in São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Bogotá, we aim to anticipate risks and identify business opportunities for clients, ensuring they are always one step ahead in the sectors in which they operate.
Services and products are structured into three pillars:
I. Analysis: Gathering of relevant information to anticipate possible outcomes. This effort is complemented by our Political Analysis Unit (NAP), specialized in building economic and political scenarios.
II. Strategic Consulting Services: The development of customized projects from a government perspective based on an in-depth understanding of the client's business strategy. The Corporate Finance area focuses on economic and financial consulting.
III. Institutional Relations: Communication with stakeholders in order to contribute to the development of laws, and public policies and regulations. Prospectiva Macropolitica focuses on finding communication channels with the executive and legislative branches.
Prospectiva in numbers :
5 offices
60+ professionals
10+ managers and coordinators with strong academic backgrounds: Master, PhD, MBA, and other postgraduate degrees
20+ Fortune 500 clients