Company Overview
InSCREENeX has developed two complementary technologies

The SCREENflex technology establishes
- Recombinant cell lines expressing your gene of interest (e.g. antibodies, GPCRs, ion channels, kinases) in CHO or HEK293 cells
- Cell lines with your desired expression level (low; medium; high expression)
This is accomplished in a rapid turnaround time (1 month)

The CI-SCREEN technology generates functionally immortalized cell systems. This enables a drug development in vitro under in vivo like conditions.

The CI-SCREEN technology can be applied to any mammalian cell type e.g. to establish cell systems
- from your desired cell type
- from your preclinical disease model
- from patient specific cells
- from disease specific cells

The functional immortalized CI-SCREEN cell systems enable to
- develop reliable bioassays
- validate/de-risk your compounds