Company Overview
Biois Co., Ltd. pursues a global leading system biology company and the leader in precision oncology and biomarker solution. Biois has developed a Reverse-SELEX, the platform technology, that select the specific aptamers and biomarkers: Simultaneous selection of aptamers mixed known/unknown targets and molecules and Multi-target serums & specimens.

One of our core technologies is the liquid biopsy’s diagnostic properties named ‘AptaSign™‘ and ‘AptaDx’ (artificial intelligence software) Kit. AptaDx increased in Sensitivity and Specificity up to 99% for lung cancer with 1.149 aptamer pool. They can be used for Screening, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Staging.

Another core technology is aptamer-based simultaneous protein analysis technology: 1. Aptamer-Nucleic Acid-Protein, 2. Aptamer-NGS-HTS, 3. NGS-Nucleic Acid-Protein, 4. Nanoprobe™.
Recently, it has been required simultaneous diagnostic analysis of genomics and proteomics. Nanoprobe™ is directly adapting in simultaneous diagnostic analysis in proteins and nucleic acids digital counting technique.

We used seven kilo base color barcode combined with aptamer in Nanoprobe™. It enables multiplexed target proteins and gene expression analysis: Stability in high temp formation. It's a directly applicable to NGS based-tests. The different fluorescent barcodes are allowed when being excited through each wavelength. NanoprobeTM enables the simultaneously analysis for a variety of target proteins in specific diseases. Anticipate robustness and sensitivity of the Biois technologies NanoprobeTM to enable detection of emerging pathogens and cancers.

Biois has also developed in Aptamer-Drug Conjugate (ApDC) pipelines for the replacement of antibody drug conjugate: Aptamer siRNA Conjugate (TNF-α, HER2, PDL-1, EpCAM, ABCG2) and Aptamer PLK-1 siRNA Peptide.

Based on aptamer-biochip, the clinical trial status has been developed for cancers, tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease. The averages of sensitivity and specificity were over 96%. The average of the sensitivity was 96.5% for lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, and stomach cancer. The highest sensitivity result was 97.2% for liver cancer.

AptaDx can analyze the disease type as pattern recognition from DB constructed. Recently, AptaDx has increased in Sensitivity and Specificity Up to 99% for Lung Cancer.

Based on NGS model, the clinical trials of AptaSignTM will start in Q2, 2018 for various targets on Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer, Liver Cancer, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer Disease, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) at medical centers of Korea.

AptaSignTM can be expanded to develop for the multiple indications especially in Pancreatic cancer, Melanoma, and Prostate Cancer.

The registration certificate of CE Marking was completed in eight cancers and Lu Gehrig's disease of AptaSignTM kits. KGMP and ISO13485:2016 were authorized.

We are in pursuit of initiating clinical trial of AptaSignTM in U.S. and Europe which collaborate with Global CRO in 4 Q, 2018. Our goal is to take partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies and to begin additional clinical trials in different countries.

Biois’ sixties patents registered and applied in the world. We plan to protect our intellectual property by expanding our patent registration.

Finally, Biois is looking for some partners to collaborate for co-research development, co-clinical development, and licensing in/out with our platform technology, commercial products, and new pipelines.