Company Overview
HPR is a Japan-based preclinical CRO specializing in pharmacological efficacy studies using nonhuman primate disease models.

While rodent-based efficacy models are the cornerstone of preclinical discovery programs, few novel therapeutics based on rodent models have successfully completed clinical evaluation. As nonhuman primates are phylogenetically and physiologically more similar to humans than rodents, our NHP efficacy models will help you to obtain preclinical POC relevant to clinical efficacy. We also offer noninvasive imaging techniques (MRI, fMRI, CT) to evaluate efficacy of therapeutic candidates.

Develop your novel therapeutics with HPR's nonhuman primate efficacy models with higher efficiency!

Available disease models include:
ischemic stroke; capsaicin-induced heat allodynia; chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy; post-operative pain; knee osteoarthritis; glaucoma; wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD); dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD); endometriosis; inflammatory bowl disease (IBD)/ulcerative colitis