Company Overview
ASCIL Biopharm develops patented miniaturized injectable and locally acting therapeutics with advanced drug delivery systems (DDS) - formulations and medical devices - to enhance the safety, effectiveness and convenience of administration of drugs for chronic high burden diseases.

The company’s approach leverages the expertise of its highly experienced team, which has pioneered the development of commercial controlled release therapeutics, including peptides in long acting biodegradable and self-assembly DDS.

ASCIL Biopharm has built a pipeline of patented products for licensing and has established collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to apply its integrated platform and know-how to their products. ASCIL’s portfolio includes several clinical ready products for partnering and collaborations, including: an innovative treatment for neuroendocrine tumors; a long-acting regionally active delivery system for common dermatologic nail diseases, a device allowing injection of multiple drugs with a single needle shot and a new facilitating prefilled device for fragile and consistent biologics.