Company Overview
biotechrabbit is a leading enzyme- and kit- production company based in Berlin, Germany, providing highest quality diagnostics and life sciences reagents and optimized services.
We produce antibodies and ultrapure molecular Dx enzymes (e.g., polymerases, reverse transcriptases, T4 DNA ligase), using innovative lyophilization technology, which can be applied to any proteins or entire diagnostic assays on cakes or millions of beads.
Customization can include the development of novel polymerases, special formulations or novel tests.
Our antibody service (mono- or polyclonal) begins with immunization and clone selection and continues to kilogram-scale production.
Our antibodies and proteins are included in our molecular biology kits for PCR, qPCR, nucleic acid purification and cell-free protein synthesis.
In addition to developments conforming to ISO 13485/9001 standards, our protein fermentation and highly parallel cell-free protein synthesis include extended quality control procedures to produce ultrapure proteins for all our kits and services. The precise QC procedures guarantee lot-to-lot consistency.
To help our customers accomplish and progress, biotechrabbit offers the passion and pure curiosity of excellent researchers with the agile spirit of true entrepreneurs.