Company Overview
ABF Pharmaceutical Services GmbH is an international Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) and Central Laboratory service provider. ABF is a member of the GBA Pharma Group which is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced service groups in the pharmaceutical sector. With over longstanding experience and more than 100 active projects, ABF is one of the most experienced providers within the market and a partner of choice for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

ABF focus on phase I to III clinical trials as well as commercial market access projects. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe, and hubs globally we are in the optimal position to support projects on a global basis with an unparalleled combination of services.

Our Qualified Person (QP), audit, project management, production and logistics teams have an outstanding track record in delivering complex projects under all circumstances. Our unrivalled experience matched with our flexibility and personal approach differentiates us from our competitors.
As a CMO we provide full service and high quality solutions for the packaging, storage, QP release including analytical testing, import/export and transport of pharmaceutical products. We are highly experienced in working with chemical entities, biologics, vaccines, peptides, gene therapies, cell-based therapies and medical devices.

As a Central Laboratory service provider we handle all steps from kit and manual design, production to logistics and patient sample analysis.
ABF also has the world’s largest Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) global network with local isolation labs within a short distance of each study site. With this network we are able to provide cell samples for analysis with a viability and recovery rate that cannot be matched by standard central lab providers.