Company Overview
With our excellent vector technologies especially that of Sendai Virus Vector and its expertise, ID Pharma is contributing R&D in the field of advanced medical field, including gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

Particularly, ID Pharma holds the core technology and basic patent relating to the Sendai Virus Vector technology and has developed the CytoTune-iPS; a cell reprogramming kit by incorporating the four Yamanaka factors (Oct, Sox, Klf and Myc) into the Sendai Virus Vector. CytoTune-iPS has received high praise from researchers in Japan and abroad for its high efficiency even with small amounts of peripheral blood cells, and for its ability to induce iPS cells without damaging cell chromosomes. And ID Pharma has successfully expanded the research and clinical use market of CytoTune-iPS globally (USA, EU, and Asia) through an internationally operating distributor. To expand the use to other business fields such as clinical field including drug screening and regenerative therapy, and cell distribution services, ID Pharma needs direct contact and alliance with overseas companies.

In addition, ID Pharma is looking for partners to collaborate in the field of gene medicine and cancer immunotherapy.