Company Overview
ACRO Biomedical works on researching and developing tissue scaffolds using in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The medical devices are porcine origin and can be applied to various medical fields for tissue repair.
All products are de-cellularized using scCO2 cleaning technology to remove cells, lipids and other substances and keep the scaffolds intact. Products are listed below.

*Collagen Matrix: Taiwan FDA certified and USFDA 510(k) clearance received.
Collagen Matrix is the porcine skin derived product. The matrix also comes with the powder form. This product can be used in severe trauma wounds, burn wounds, ulcers, etc. It greatly reduces the pain and recovering time.

*Collagen Membrane:
this product can be used in dental field along with dental bone graft for GTR and GBR. The membrane can also be used in the surgery for anti-adhesion purpose.

*Dental Bone Graft: Taiwan FDA certified;
Natural porcine bone scaffolds which provide inter-connected pores for better cell affinity. The product comes with granular form, cube, and bullet form.

*Bone Graft: Taiwan FDA certified and USFDA 510(k) clearance received;
Using in filling bone defect for Orthopedic uses.

*Collagen Ophthalmic Matrix:
This product is derived from porcine cornea for using in cornea repair for fugal infection, ulcers, and any other defect on the cornea that needed corneal transplantation.

*Cartilage Graft:
for cartilage repair for sport injury or OA treatment.

*Scar care, skin care products, atelo-collagen are also provided.