Company Overview
The 2bind GmbH is your reliable partner for biophysical analytical services.

Our customers and collaborators mainly work in the fields of drug development, aptamer generation, and antibody discovery.

We offer various analytical services (based on nanoDSF, BLI, MST, ITC) to understand molecular interactions:

1. Our innovative screening assays (nanoDSF and MST) help to identify hits from libraries (small molecules, fragments, Antibodies, Aptamers...).

2. We also help to characterize molecular interaction in terms of basic binding partners such as Affinity, Kinetics and Thermodynamics using different technologies (MicroScale Thermophoresis, Biolayer Interferometry, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry)

3. Specialized binding assays in bioliquids (Sera, Lysates, Saliva, Urine) help to get information on the interaction of interest under close to native conditions (MST).

4. HSA binding assays help to understand the influence of HSA on compounds (MST, BLI).

5. Our competition assays offer information if a ligand interfers with binding of two interactionpartners (MST, BLI)

In addition we offer biophysical analytical services to characterize protein stability and aggregation tendency using nanoDSF:

1. Assays to screen buffers and detergents are available.

2. Assays to compare biosimilars to originators can be performed.

3. ADC characterization

4. Long term storage optimization assays

5. forced degradation assays