Company Overview
CSM is the only global company that is truly focused on Clinical Trial Supplies services with a 20+ year track record. With two facilities in Post-Brexit EU and three in the United States, CSM is committed to ensuring clinical trials are a success, regardless of size or scope, from Phase I to Phase IV projects. On a yearly basis, CSM packages more than 1.5 million patient kits and makes over 27,000 IMP shipments in 86 countries worldwide.

With employees over 5 sites and our own proprietary ERP system, tools and IT specialists, CSM is agile by design. CSM can package, label and ship to any location in the US in less than 48 hours and in the EU, CSM can create, print and release labels, provide packaging On-Demand, secure QP Batch Certification and ensure kits are ready for shipment in less than 72 hours.

CSM innovates to make clinical trials more efficient and reliable with specialized service solutions like Investigator Initiated Study service, On-Demand packaging and labelling, Direct-to-Patient shipping, QP services, and Biological Sample Management. CSM provides customers with unique solutions that ease clinical trials and reduce their costs. CSM’s On-Demand platform, for example, can significantly reduce the number of kits needed in a study, and help to avoid more than 70% of drug waste and associated costs. CSM packages around 30% of its US IMP products On-Demand.