Company Overview
Distek, Inc., headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ, is a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, as well as an experienced provider of validation and qualification services.

Distek's bioprocess product portfolio includes the BIOne single-use bioreactor system for mammalian cell culture applications and now the BIOne bioprocess control station with industry standard autoclavable benchtop bioreactors.

Founded in 1976, Distek has an excellent reputation for innovation, product reliability, and customer support, and we believe that these, as well as continual improvement are essential to our current and future growth, and crucial to ongoing success.

In summary, Distek is a growing business that relies upon technological innovations, strong marketing efforts, highly skilled and trained customer support, and dedicated employees for its future. For technological advancements that offer reliable and consistent performance, the pharmaceutical industry trusts Distek.

Distek does not simply design ‘me too’ products. Distek instruments are highly innovative, which is exemplified in the product portfolio. Distek engineers technically modern and user-friendly instruments that have provided many innovative features to customers, worldwide. Distek holds several instrumentation and accessory patents and has been ISO certified since 2002.

Distek’s robust product portfolio includes water bath and bathless dissolution, dissolution media heating, degassing, dispensing and disposal, in-situ fiber optic UV, bathless tablet disintegration, content uniformity, programmable automated sampling and now a single-use bioreactor system for mammalian cell culture applications.

You don't need to make a large capital investment to convert your existing benchtop glass bioreactor to a Distek, Inc. has developed a benchtop scale single-use bioreactor (SUB) system for mammalian cell growth and recombinant protein production. The pre-sterilized BIOne system is engineered with a disposable headplate welded to a triple-layered liner that can be easily inserted into a non-sterile bioreactor glass vessel, converting it to a sterile, disposable SUB within a matter of seconds. The BIOne is fully compatible with your existing equipment including controller, probes and agitator, thus, no new capital investment required.

“Our expansion into the biotech arena marks another major milestone in Distek’s longstanding company history. As the bioreactor market continues shifting to single-use technologies, our BIOne product line will offer an innovative approach to greatly assist our customers in the transition from autoclavable reactors,” says Jeff Brinker, President of Distek.

The Distek BIOne system significantly reduces turnaround time by allowing users to seamlessly transition to a disposable platform while utilizing their existing capital equipment, without compromising the scalability of their current process.

Distek’s core market includes brand name and generic pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug manufacturers, CRO’s, CMO’s, Nutraceuticals, government agencies, and universities. To ensure consistent quality and to meet the international standards of our world market, Distek has been ISO certified since 2002.