Company Overview
Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) was established on January 1, 2014 supported by Council of Agriculture (COA) with the mission of turning agricultural techno-innovation into techno-entrepreneurship through technology business incubation.
ATRI is established aiming to set up a development platform for industrialization of agriculture technology and commercialization of innovative business. It provides agriculture enterprises, farmer groups and farmers with agriculture technology, commercialized products, industrialization service and supports from the agriculture policies of Taiwan’s government to accelerate new agriculture business and its globalization of development.
The ATRI possesses diverse agricultural technologies and professional experts, and will combine creative thinking and technical advantages with the R&D energy of the up and middle stream of domestic agricultural research institution(s), to add value to the applications of Taiwan’s agricultural technology R&D results, promote industry integration, and with the objectives of enhancing international competitiveness of agricultural products and accelerate Taiwan’s agricultural transformation.
Integrate research resources and develop highlight projects:
Combine the R&D energy of academia, industry and research, and promote the development of industry-oriented integrated applications, in order to promote the development of highlight industry.
• Assistance in commercialization and industrialization:
Assist product R&D, registration, regulatory and intellectual property analysis from academia, industry and research.
• Promote industry sustainability and product internationalization:
Promote business matchmaking, foster talents in international applied technology, expand foreign and domestic markets.
Innovation and entrepreneurship is a priority among policy makers and a crucial aspect of value-added agriculture. The ATRI is tasked with promoting innovation system approaches and initiatives to enhance local agricultural transformation and competitiveness as free trade expands globally. The role of farming in Taiwan is changing to remain economical and sustainable, and the agricultural sector must develop new services and emphasize entrepreneurship accordingly.